Reiki and Energy

Truth: we are energetic beings living in an energetic world. As we move through life, we gather and store energy, some of which is not in our best interests. It can come in the form of thoughts and beliefs, experiences with others (full range – intimate and non intimate), trauma and stress, processed and low vibration foods and so on. When we take in the low vibrations, we experience energetic blockages that limit us and lead to all levels of mis-alignment within ourselves. Reiki accesses the universal energy supporting the release of these blockages which allows flow to be restored to the body maximizing healing, health and vitality.

A reiki session involves you laying on a massage table, gentle music playing and our practitioners providing the energetic experience. We may or may not lay hands on you, we may or may not speak to you. Everyone experiences energy differently. You may feel hot or cold, tingling, you may see colors or images, you may feel emotions coming to the surface or you may just feel a sense of calm and relaxation. The experience appears subtle and gentle, however, there is always much going on. Once energy blockages are released, you will experience levels of lightness, a sense of “clean” and new levels of awareness, motivation and health.

You may also have behavior patterns or beliefs that need to be shifted to match and maintain your new state of being. Life changes occur more permanently when our energetic bodies match our thoughts and behaviors. Reiki/NLP Combination sessions can have incredible results to obtain and maintain optimum health and vitality!

Life changes occur more permanently when our energetic bodies match our thoughts and behaviors.

Whatever your level of belief of this concept, it’s OK, we will figure it out as we go. As you step in we provide you with the knowledge, the energetic experience and the tools to manage your energies in a clean and focused manner. Life becomes a whole new adventure when you discover the world of energy!

We also provide classes and attunements if you are interested in opening yourself to the Reiki Master Experience. Contact us for more information on upcoming classes.