Seeking support takes courage.

It is also one of the best investments we can do for ourselves and for those that we love. I am Rita Krebs and the founder of Make a Wave for Change. I truly believe that we are all doing the best we can in every moment given what we know and the resources that we have available to us. I also maintain that when we know better, we do better and that is why I do what I do!

I also believe…

  • No one is broken.
  • Emotions are meant to be expressed and released.
  • The world is thirsty for deeper communication and connection.
  • We have all of our answers and resources within us.
  • Every crisis is an opportunity.
  • We each get to pick who we want to be in each moment.
  • We are energy in motion and have super powers that we have yet to tap into.
  • We can create new beliefs and behaviors.
  • Life is messy and that is part of the fun.
  • When we are in alignment with ourselves things flow naturally.
  • We are supported by a higher power that is always present.

I have been a social worker for 30 years and have had the honour of supporting countless individuals achieve better lives.

I have worked with families and individuals for three decades; in government, non-profit and private sectors. My greatest moments are when I get to be witness to another finding their soft spot and their brilliance; it doesn’t get any better than that. My full intentions are to simply support the world to step up and into their brilliance that is always present and waiting to be re-leased.

My sessions are intuitively guided to match the state and needs of my clients and reach maximum IMPACT. In recent years I have shifted from counselling specific services to a more holistic and scientific approach, providing a combination of energetic service Reiki Healing and neural pathway reprogramming Neuro Linguistic Programming. I have found that when we clear the energetic imprint of traumas and adverse experiences we can then re-pattern thought processes and create significant shifts for our clients. That does not dismiss, however, the fact that there is a time when traditional counselling is needed and effective. I simply use the tools that support my clients in their process that will provide maximum results. Some therapeutic perspectives that our work is influenced by are Jungian Theory , Carl Rogers Client Centered Therapy,  Solution-Focused Therapy, and the work of Gabor Mate. 

At Make a Wave, my team and I find it a great honour to be entrusted with the care and attention of you, our clients. Thank you for trusting us with your precious selves. We will continue to be of utmost integrity as we increase yours, and therefore, our IMPACT on the planet.

The greatest of IMPACT might just be when we share a moment of wonder and awakening into
our SOVEREIGN selves.