Who do you want to be?

We believe that everyone wants to live healthy, happy lives with meaningful, connected relationships and positive impacts.

Negative experiences and programming such as trauma, stress, abuse, unhealthy habits, poor nutrition and other low vibrations can take us away from ourselves and our desired lives. Doing the work to get back on track is the best gift that we can give to ourselves, those that we love and to the world.

Do you know who you want to be?
How to get there?
How to stay there and reach even further?
We can support you to achieve all of this and more!

Are you living your great life?

If you feel that you are not living the life that you want, you are not alone. Many people struggle with not knowing what they want, how they will get it, or they don’t have the time nor energy to take the necessary steps towards their goals. Whether you have a great life and want to expand into a brighter version of yourself or you are deep in suffering, we can help you make big changes, in big ways.

From the time we are born we take in information from our experiences. This information becomes our belief system which guides and informs us on how we perceive and experience the world. Often times these beliefs are “false” and are the culprits that cause havoc and prevent us from living the life that we want. We shine a light on these culprits and provide you with the tools to shift them into beliefs that are aligned with your true self.

What if you had all that you need to transform your life into that which you dream of?

How do you feel when you consider this possibility?

What might change for you if this were true?

We would love to know, and we would love to take you into the next steps.

Make a Wave has supported countless individuals move from what they don’t want into what they do want. We can support you as well! Our services meet you where you are at and guide you into your GREAT LIFE.

What are you waiting for?


Life experiences and trauma happen to all of us. Support to overcome our pain can make the process achievable and certainly quicker! Our “soft service” counselling provides a safe and supportive space for you to tell your story and move into the healing. As we support you to explore and acknowledge your past, you can take back control of your life.


We use Neuro-Linguistic Programming as an integrated part of our services. It is a mind technology that reprograms outdated patterns and beliefs to be in alignment with your positive intentions and goals. We get really excited as we observe how simple it is for us to support you to create sustainable and meaningful changes in your life using NLP.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is fun and can access profound knowledge and wisdom from within you. Based on the science of the brain and the art of asking powerful questions, you may be surprised that your original question is not always the one you end up with! As we offer the structure – you provide the answers and we co-create meaningful change in your life.

Reiki / Quantum Healing

Everything is energy. Our thoughts, words, actions and physical bodies are all energy. Reiki is a subtle and effective form of energy work that brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. As we access universal energies, we support your energetic self to clear, align and balance, creating conditions for wholeness on all levels.

Leadership / Ignitor Series

Outstanding leaders master themselves in a way that compels others to follow. Our leadership programs are unique and they will have impact. We custom design our program to fit your business, community or organization with two phases of integration. As we support you to excel, we lead you to sustainable changes within your team.

Spiritual Coaching

As we all move deeper into our true selves, there is a calling to tap into a higher aspect of consciousness/creation/God. Whatever you use as a belief system and as your higher power, we can support you to establish an even deeper connection with that aspect of yourself through Spiritual Mentorship, Coaching and Guided Meditation.