We are here to offer a place for you to feel safe to tell your story and explore how it affects you and those around you. When we have the opportunity to share through words and emotions that which harms us, we begin to loosen it’s grip on us, and we start the healing process.

As we navigate and gently explore, we will determine what parts of the story are of use and what parts need to be released. You can expect to be supported, and you can expect to be challenged. We will support and guide you in ways that work for you with a gentle nudging at our end. Remember – if you are uncomfortable – you are growing! As you open to new ways of processing, perceiving and being in this world you will experience new freedom, confidence and liberation.

Some therapeutic perspectives that our work is influenced by are Jungian Theory , Carl Rogers Client Centered Therapy,  Solution-Focused Therapy, and the work of Gabor Mate. 

Remember – if you are uncomfortable – you are growing!