Why Make a Wave?

“Make a Wave” is born from the intent of creating a peaceful, whole and connected planet one person at a time. We, at Make a Wave, want to make an IMPACT and through our clients we do just that. As you change, you ripple and impact those that you love… then those that you have yet to love and so on…. it’s such a great honour that we can play a part in that ripple!

So, that which we do for ourselves, we also do for another; the more we align with our core selves and inner wisdom, the more we influence others to do the same.
The GOLDEN RULE at it’s finest.

The ripple is real, it is aligned with the core of who we are, and it is the driving force for all that we do at Make a Wave.

The WAVE is an analogy that works for us – let us tell you why.

Water is a commonly known wave… it’s gentle, it’s powerful, and it flows throughout the planet. We know it through our physical senses – we can see it, feel, hear, taste and smell it. Energy also transmits and moves in waves… less noticeable to some, but perceived through developed senses, it is even more powerful than water and is not restricted to our planet.
As we expand and grow, we move deeper into sensory experiences. Eventually, how we see, hear and feel water, we can also do the same with energy and more. It’s simply how we are designed to evolve AND it’s fun!

So, as we MAKE WAVES with water, we also MAKE WAVES with energy. Our impact on others energetically is significant and when we understand this, we operate from a different level of intention.
It’s an awesome responsibility and a grand opportunity!

How might you operate your life differently, knowing that your emotions, thoughts, and intentions have an impact beyond your internal conversation?

We invite you to live your life as if…