“Rita has one of the most calming presences I have ever come across!”

“I went to Make A Wave for Reiki session. It was an amazing experience for me.  She helped me to find balance. She assisted in helping me with issues from my childhood. The healing that came through was powerful and heartfelt.”

“I would recommend checking these services out as this one session has had a huge impact on the way I work through family related matters. Thank you for your many blessings. “

“Rita recognized and helped me through my internal struggle.”

“You (Rita) have changed so many lives, ones that you don’t even know about, and I know that your journey is going to be epic. I am so excited for the next person that has the chance to be touched by your gifts. And the one after that and the next one.”

“When your name (Rita) is mentioned often the word “passion” goes along with it.”

“Through my inner life I have had many hurdles and over time I’ve wanted to grow, strive, and become the person I know I’m meant to be, and stop living just in my head. The challenges I’ve faced had left me feeling empty and incomplete in my spiritual, and emotional health. I have worked hard on myself to grow, but I reached a point on a number of times in life, I just felt I could not move any further, stuck… Through attending sessions with Make a Wave and getting the support, the belief in me to be able to expand my view point, my life is getting back on track.”

“I truly appreciate Make a Wave for entering  my life to help me get not just unstuck, but by really giving my heart what was needed, to be able to strive and thrive again in my life. How I go though everyday now is because of my experience with Make a Wave, they really helped me be able to live by my heart, not just my head…now I am living everyday to its fullest again.”

“I gained confidence in my own abilities and my worth. Before I was struggling with perceived inadequacies”.

“The best results of the Igniter Leadership Series was “so much!!! I was able to do some needed work with respect to healing on a personal and emotional level. I was able to dive deeper into a more spiritual experience and I was able to do some work on a professional level. Rita is an amazing woman who uses her gifts well and as such she helped me on a very deep level to gain insights and understanding of myself in a way that is going to serve me well and change my world in many ways.”

“My largest take away is… that I am enough and have lots to give to others through connection and love. It (Make a Wave services) were empowering and I learnt lots about myself and how to grow as a person.”

“I am grateful and can now clearly see where my “stuck places” were and un-stick them. I appreciated that you listened to my way of thinking, things that motivated me, etc.  And gently helped me to redefine aspects of myself. Helped me to accept the things I already know about myself but re-framed it to be positive and and productive.”

“Your authenticity shines so bright Rita.”

“I (now) have energetic boundaries with others.”

“I (now) hold people “able”.”

“I think I am kinder, more patient. We are all trying to get into ourselves – I have an appreciation for everybody’s journey.”

“My value for ECD has increased. I pay more attention to conversations (about children and how to support them).”

“I recognize when others are in their “stuff” it’s their journey and I honor them.”

“The Vulnerability Chart changed my life. It changed every way that I approach relationships. I am now aware when relationships aren’t reciprocal.”

“You (Rita) are super, super beautiful, you gently put out your message of love and truth into the world and I love that about you, you don’t put yourself in the spotlight because you already are that and those who need to see your message will feel you.”

“I learned to send love to those that harm me and it worked!”

” When someone is vibrating lower than me and holding me back I am OK with letting them go so I can grow.”

“I overcame a vulnerability of going with the flow and spoke up (when I am uncomfortable and others are “in”). ”

“It’s OK to say no. ”

“I would describe it (Igniter Leadership Series participation) as surreal. It was intense and emotionally messy. I felt uplifted and a little more comfortable in my own skin every time I left a session. I think everyone would be a better version of themselves if they had this opportunity”.

“I realized the only way I can be good for the community is to take care of myself. ”

“I am a better parent.”

“I am a better educator.”

“I practice real connection in a world that is not people to people connected. ”

“You (Rita) have always been so passionate about the work you do and you truly believe that educating people … will help change and shape the families in our communities.”

“I accepted the things that I already knew about myself but re-framed them to be positive and productive vs. negative and stagnant.”

“I learned that I am enough and have lots to give others through connection and love.”

“It was empowering and I learnt lots about myself and how to grow as a person.”

“The Igniter Leadership Program offered a fantastic opportunity. I gained confidence in my own abilities and my worth. Before the program I was struggling with “perceived” inadequacies.”

 “At work I can now be honest and professional and be able to talk about how I feel.”

“I think everyone would be a better version of themselves if they had this opportunity.”